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Give us a call to see how much we can save your business in unnecessary VoIP charges every month and make your first VoIP call within 5 minutes. It’s that easy.

The right technology at an affordable price will help your business grow. But finding a VoIP solution for your business can be time-consuming and complicated. makes VoIP easy, so you can focus on what’s important.

Streamline VoIP

Stop clicking and start talking. A quick call with a VoIP analyst will provide a telecom package custom tailored to your specific needs. No upselling, surcharges or unnecessary add-ons guaranteed.

Save Time

VoIP pricing and technology is unnecessarily confusing. Instead of spending hours researching each VoIP provider and translating their marketing pitches, just give us a quick call and we’ll clear the air. Our VoIP analysts aren’t sales specialists, they are technical experts.

Save Money

Pay for the features you need and pay a fraction of the price of pre-bundled packages. owns and operates the entire network, so you get reliable VoIP without paying additional reseller and brokerage fees.

Straightforward Pricing

You should only pay for services and features that increase a VoIP provider’s costs of service. That’s why with if a service doesn’t cost us anything, it’s free for you too.

Many VoIP providers treat each device you connect to a line as an additional seat, even though ringing more devices carries almost no cost. With, you can add any number of devices to a line without paying additional fees. Choose any connection method, such as a laptop, a mobile phone, an IP desk phone, or all of them, and Leap’s cloud platform will connect:

  • Secure voice
  • Fax
  • Audio conferencing, and
  • Online meetings.

All of your office locations and employees are connected seamlessly and easily with Leap’s Business Voice System. Don’t settle for a virtual phone number or expensive VoIP provider when you get more for less.

Passing Savings to You is not a VoIP broker and reseller. We own and operate our own network, which means that you get clarity and stability at the most affordable rate possible. The efficiency gained throughout the entire VoIP service chain translates into savings for you.

Businesses come in many shapes and sizes and their needs and budgets vary widely. That is why Leap is designed to scale with you, for businesses from 1 to 100,000. Reliable and flexible, Leap is THE low-cost provider that allows you to make and manage calls from any device, anywhere, anytime.

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