Multi-Office SIP Trunking

Bring your network closer together with HD Voice, Video, Messaging, and Presence

LEAP customers slash their telecom bills by an average of 50%!

SIP Trunking delivers the strength of one and the agility of anywhere

Consolidate national and international offices for simplicity, efficiency, and quality

Why pay a phone bill for every office? Why pay for employees to call employees? With Leap, you can centralize communications at a single on-site IP PBX and deliver enriched voice, video, and data communications across your entire branch network.

Based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), SIP Trunking is an application layer protocol used to set-up real-time communications over the Internet. A SIP Trunk establishes dependable telecom service from your on-site Public Branch eXchange (PBX) to anyone, whether they are in the same office, in an out-of-state office, or on a cell phone on the far side of the world. By establishing one SIP Trunk to a centralized IP PBX, Leap can route calls throughout your network efficiently and reliably.

How do we achieve 100% uptime?


Since 2004, the Leap network has proven its reliability and security.


We test our network constantly for potential faults, being sure to maintain full redundancy with a zero fault tolerance.


Our engineers eliminate any single points of failure by placing multiple 10G connections with multiple IP carriers, so no matter what happens, call quality is retained.


Leap Multi-Office SIP Trunking gives you control of our advanced security features, including firewalls, session border controllers, access control list, and stringent security policies.

Cost-effective no matter the scale

How do Leap Clients cut phone bills in half?

The Strength of One

Connecting multiple locations under a centralized control point slashes costs by reducing inter-office long-distance charges while eliminating the need for separate voice lines at each location.

Largest International Network

We connect the largest network of International eXchange Carriers (IXC) and Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) to rural carriers, international Postal, Telegraph, and Telephone (PTT) interconnections, and in-country carriers to slash costs to Latin America, Asia, and Europe.

Best Least-Cost Routing (LCR) Intelligence in the Industry

Our proprietary LCR technology chooses the highest-quality, most cost-effective pathways between your users and anywhere in the United States.

We make SIP Trunking easy no matter who you are.

Flexible to your platform

Leap works with almost any combination of IP telephony equipment. Our engineers will test your multi-office SIP Trunk before go-live to ensure a smooth transition.

One-click provisioning

Connect domestic, international, and toll-free numbers by clicking one button and start making calls in seconds.


Customer Support

Have questions? Speak with a knowledgeable customer service agent:

+1 (833) LEAP.TEL

Simple, transparent pricing

Ala Carte

$ 0 Monthly
  • Any phone, anytime
  • US outbound
  • All the standard features above


$ 10 Monthly
  • Any phone, anytime
  • 500 minutes*
  • Add E911, Fax to Email, Call Forwarding, Find me/Follow Me


$ 20 Monthly
  • Any phone, anytime
  • Unlimited Calling
  • Add Multi-level Auto-attendant, Extensions, VM to text, Conference Bridge up to 25, Customer on-premise PBX

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