Multi-Location Management Enhances E911

Leap Telecom will implement multi-location features with enhanced location management on Wednesday, July 11. This allows businesses to set multiple locations within your hosted PBX granting greater control for E911 calls. When E911 is enabled, admins are now able to assign multiple locations, granting the ability to set locations per device. This allows an emergency call to route directly to the nearest PSAP (emergency call center) based on the assigned location of that device. This can be done by adding location objects to a site in the new ‘Location’ feature tab (located above the ‘conference rooms’ tab). By default, if locations are not set, emergency calls will still automatically route to the National 911 Call Center. 

When adding a ‘New location,’ you can input the following crucial information:

  • Name
  • House number
  • House number suffix (if any)
  • Street
  • City
  • Postal Code
  • Country Code
  • Latitude
  • Longitude

Furthermore, there are two toggle options in the ‘Location’ form screen (accessed when either editing/updating a location or creating a new location). These two on/off toggle options allow you to 1.) make a location your default location and/or 2.) enable E911 on a specific location. On the ‘Location’ form screen, when you enable E911 on a specific location (meaning you toggle the ‘enable E911’ to ‘on’ or active) and save the changes made, an advanced link is displayed where you can configure the E911 settings directly.

The new ‘Locations’ feature tab contains all the pertinent information and options that were formerly housed in the E911 feature tab and allows a site to have multiple E911s rather than merely one. Similar to any other site object (e.g. ‘menus,’ ‘forwards,’ and ‘phone numbers’), users can create, edit/update or delete a location. 

Devices and sip-trunks will now be associated with a location. A new location drop-down menu is on the ‘sip-trunks’ form screen and ‘devices’ form screen. Anytime a sip-trunk or device needs to be added or a current sip-trunk or a current device requires editing/updating, the ‘Location’ drop-down menu option will display a list of available locations. The available list of locations within the drop-down menu is based on the location site objects created in the ‘Location’ feature tab.



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