Competitive markets help keep downward pressure on prices. As one competitor undercuts another, the cycle downward continues, but in telecom costs aren’t decreasing anymore. And in many cases, costs are increasing. Telecom, VoIP included, is an industry chock full of bloat. Instead of offering services that are tailored to each individual business, providers add on unnecessary features, services, and tiers that don’t benefit users. All of the new “innovative” features are there to justify increases in their costs of service. Feature stuffing doesn’t benefit your business’ bottom line, it only gets you to feel that higher VoIP costs are justified. Here are a few examples of how businesses end up overpaying for VoIP services.

Pay Per Device

One of the easiest ways major VoIP providers upcharge businesses is by treating each device as a user. Charging a fee for each device a number connects with might make sense to you. We’ve become accustomed to each of our devices having a unique phone number, and paying for each line, but that’s not the way Hosted PBX (VoIP) solutions work. A single phone number can connect to any number of devices and it costs providers next to nothing. Paying an additional fee for each device is just a way of padding prices.

Instead of charging for each device, businesses should only buy the number of lines necessary to keep their contacts from getting a busy signal. Beyond that, each line should be able to connect with or get forwarded to, any of your business’ devices. VoIP should be as simple as buying lines with the features you need rather than getting nickel and dimed with basic functionality, like ringing a device.

Unlimited Plans

Unlimited plans are popular because they offer solace, and hold out hope. Maybe your business will have a great month, so having an unlimited amount of call time will give you the flexibility you need just in case. But really, eye gouging fees for an overage is a thing of the past. Most businesses will pay less overall if they pay for the services they need in most months, and add on time when an overage occurs.

Feature Bloat

Similar to unlimited call plans, the vast majority of features from VoIP bundles go unused. There’s certainly a Wow Factor involved when a sales presentation demonstrates all of the integrations and capabilities included in the expensive VoIP plan. Unfortunately, that means you end up paying for all of those things even if they go unused.

Seeing what VoIP providers are capable of is like walking into a fancy gym, we imagine ourselves using all the cool stuff. Then, you sign on the dotted line and two months later, you use the elliptical or free weights like you always do, if you make it to the gym at all. Everyone makes slightly irrational and overly optimistic decisions in their personal lives, but when it comes to business, success is reserved for stone cold rationalists.

Streamlined VoIP Services

VoIP services should be designed with what most business’ needs: dependable, scalable services that provide what’s necessary at an affordable rate. Anything more is an unnecessary expense.

If you want the perfect VoIP service for your business, give us a call, and we’ll custom tailor a package that provides more value at a fraction the cost of the big brands, guaranteed.

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