Leap has taken the reigns from Teliax‘s Business Voice Solutions and is making it our own. Building on the success that Teliax formed from organic and word of mouth growth since David Aldworth founded the company in 2004, we are leaping ahead to better serve our customers’ communications needs.

The team at Teliax, built an entire VoIP network and business class hosted PBX company from the ground up and Aldworth’s founding principal to focus on the product first still holds true with Leap today. We believe in making our service feature rich, stable and scalable for all. Businesses come in many shapes and sizes and we are proud that our aim is to adapt to the needs of our clients. We endeavor to provide a business voice service that is first class.

As Teliax, we were one of the first hosted PBX providers to offer phone number coverage in all 50 states, and have since expanded to over 60 countries.

We are a privately held company with a family first motto. Our software and network engineers have built everything in house from the ground up. We maintain complete control over our software and platform which means peace of mind for you and all of our customers.